Parallel Exhibitions

Art in Extreme Conditions… The newly acquired wealth,the unworthy,the non-assimilated production and also the meretricious, the forgery of the international contemporary scene, accompanied the artictic production of the forged prosperity of the last two decades. Commercialized aisthetics and artistic suggestions constructed our cultural bubble of this period.Neverthess, there were some artists whose oeuvre became the counterweight to the inflation of the artistic byproduct. These artists, whose main ingridient is the critical approach and the depiction of Individual, are presented in the exhibition Art in Extreme Conditions. Curators: Charis Savvopoulos, Sania Papa, Thanasis Moutsopoulos

Recycled Materials Fashion Show, Designer: Konstantinos (Tsigaros)

Painting Workshops (in collaboration with Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art)

╬čutsider Art, Curators: Pavlos Vassiliadis, Sania Papa

Talks programme

Heinz G├╝nter Mebusch, Curator: ArtExpert

Douglas Dubler, Light Project