The inaugural ART THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR is organised by the National Agency for The Organisation of Exhibitions, Congresses and Cultural Events (HELEXPO S.A.) together with Pantelis Tsatsis, Artistic Director, who is the driving force behind this initiative.

The team of collaborators that has been selected, shares the vision of a new International Contemporary Art Fair in Greece which will give a fresh commercial, cultural and educational impetus to the arts: art and culture after all are the basic vehicles for spreading knowledge, economic development as well as ‘the message’ in general.

Therefore, this Fair becomes an annual event and plays a crucial and multidimensional role in showcasing dialogue, artistic activity, innovation as well as establishing common ground for artistic exchanges, particularly the appreciation of differentness between civilizations.

This is an art fair that invests in the strategically important geographic location of Thessaloniki, its multicultural identity, its rich and long history. Thessaloniki’s history spans some 2,300 years. An important metropolis by the Roman period, Thessaloniki was the second largest and wealthiest city of the Byzantine Empire. Thessaloniki is home to numerous notable Byzantine monuments several Roman, Ottoman and Israel structures. Worldwide known Mount Athos with its Monasteries, Mount Olympus, home of the ancient Greek Gods, Vergina Archaeological Museum (Royal Tombs) and Amphipolis are only an hour away from Thessaloniki.
Thessaloniki, 2014 European Youth Capital, is a popular tourist destination in Greece and renowned for its festivals, events and vibrant cultural life in general. It is considered to be Greece’s cultural capital. Events such as the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair and the Thessaloniki International Film Festival are held annually.
In 2010, Lonely Planet ranked Thessaloniki as the world’s fifth-best party city worldwide, comparable to other cities such as Dubai and Montreal. For 2013 National Geographic Magazine included Thessaloniki in its top tourist destinations worldwide, while in 2014 Financial Times FDI magazine declared Thessaloniki as the best mid-sized European city of the future for human capital and lifestyle.

The International Contemporary Art Fair is organised in a city open to fresh ideas, rejuvenated, hospitable and safe, offering up multicultural journeys, unique elements of localisation and enjoyable gastronomic taste.

1st edition of Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair will be held from 01 to 04 December 2016.